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Welcome to Bue's Beads

Promoting body positivity, confidence & self healing through body adornment

Handcrafted items charged with positivity, great energy & good vibes

  • Esha G

    I feel so good/powerful. I feel so in control not only through my eating but me period. My actions, and I love how it makes me feel sexy. I'm a bit more positive all around the board, I cant thank you enough

  • Timeka S


  • Rochelle G

    The first strands helped me through my grief and loss. The next ones tracked my weight loss and the last set were because I'm so sexy! I love when other women inquire about my waistbeads.

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Men's Bracelets

Pair and stack multiple semi-precious gemstone combinations for aesthetic and healing combinations.

Custom styles and sizes available.

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Healing Waistbeads

Daily mindfulness to aid you in improving self and reconnecting

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