Why Waistbeads

Waistbeads physically adorn women’s bodies which
improves confidence, body positivity and self-love.

They allow women to intentionally spend
additional time focusing and getting more in touch with themselves.

Women share so much of ourselves to our
jobs, families, and friends we often end up neglecting ourselves. It's time to connect with yourself and embrace your femininity.

How to Care for Waistbeads

Take care not to catch your waistbeads when changing or
going to the restroom. Simple phrase to recall "WAISTBEADS UP PANTS
DOWN" Roll your waistbeads up or down while washing & moisturizing. Do
not directly apply soaps, lotions, oils & perfumes on your waistbeads.

How To Tie

Take your time • Comfortable not tight • Exhale Deeply •
Don't suck in • Regroup if needed

Before tying your waistbeads set & speak your intentions into them. Do affirmations to recharge these intentions.

Wrap strand around your waist where you want it to rest

Cross strands over at point that is comfortable & make
sure the beads fully cover the thread all around

Slide anchor bead down & flip one strand over the other
twice & knot

Cut the end of the thread to release anchor & excess

Then knot sections of 2 threads twice

Cut the thread near the knot but not too close