About Bue's Beads

Energy is the building block and source of everything. It all starts with Energy; it all starts with YOU! 

Hi I'm Shawna McMillan CEO of Bue's Beads. Bue pronounced Boo like Hey Boo! Welcome to my site.

I previously made jewelry and was drawn back. I couldn't locate the motivation this time. I was unable to dismiss the calling of the ancient art and tradition of waistbeads. As I adorned myself with each new waistbead I delved deeper into my spiritual journey. Being a natural empath and healer; I discovered what pulled me closer. I was connecting to the empowerment and spirituality waistbeads brought out in each woman starting with myself.

As you browse this site you will find one of a kind strands to embrace the individuality of each woman using high quality materials.   



Wear waistbeads they are:  


History of Waistbeads