About Me

Energy is the building block and source of everything. It all starts with Energy; it all starts with YOU! 

Hi I'm Shawna McMillan CEO of Bue's Beads. Bue pronounced Boo like Hey Boo! Welcome to my site.

I had previously made jewelry and something was drawing me back. I couldn’t quite locate the motivation but this time it was body jewelry – also called waistbeads.  With each new waistbead completed, I was catapulted into a deeper spiritual journey. Being a natural empath and healer, I discovered what pulled me toward this powerful body adornment. I was connecting to the empowerment and confidence waistbeads brought out in each woman starting with myself. 


As you browse this site you will find one of a kind strands to embrace the individuality of each woman using high quality materials.   


Women are the caretakers for everyone  
I love to remind us to take a moment to connect with ourselves, connect with our source and pour into ourselves.  



Each waistbead strand holds a special meaning. They provide mindfulness to enhance and magnify the positives in our lives.


Wear waistbeads today because they are:  

  • Spiritual  
  • Sensual 
  • Used for weight tracking 
  • Used for self-love 
  • Used for body appreciation and adornment  


History of Waistbeads 

Waistbeads have been worn by many cultures for centuries; there have even been mummies found with beads from waistbeads. 


Primarily waistbeads were worn for: 

·        Rituals – Coming of age and naming rituals 

·        Connection - Show ties to a family or tribe through the use of colors and designs. 

·        Wealth -The more expensive the beads the more status an individual or family has 

·        Chasity – Waistbead strands weren’t to be seen by anyone but a woman’s husband. He was allowed to touch them and remove them. 

·        Body shaping – Worn as a girdle to shape the body and waist